New Delhi: Renowned author Ashley Tellis lauded India's quest to be a leading power and its policy choices during a public conversation with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in New Delhi on Thursday.

The book, titled 'Grasping Greatness' and edited by Ashley Tellis, Bibel Debroy and Mohan C Raja, was released by the External Affairs minister.

"A lively public conversation, with Ashley Tellis on the past, present and future of India and its policy choices," Jaishankar tweeted.

He described the book as an analysis which addressed India's quest to emerge as a leading power.

"Pleased to release the book: Grasping Greatness, edited by Ashley Tellis, @bibekdebroy & @MohanCRaja this evening," he tweeted further.

During the event, he added that the way to rise is to maximise opportunities and the contradictions of the world provide opportunities.

"The way to rise is to maximise opportunities, & opportunities are provided by the contradictions of the world...Every rising power looks for contradictions because if there were no contradictions, there's no space for a rising power to move," EJaishankar said during the event in Delhi.

"Glad to see an analysis that addresses India's quest to be a leading power. It covers from vision, foundations and capacities to footprint and terms of engagement," he tweeted further.

Notably, Ashley J. Tellis is a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace senior fellow who specialises in international security, defence and Asian strategic issues.