Karachi: Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) organised protest rallies in Kandyaro and Tharirri Mohabbat City in Sindh against the state brutalities on the occasion of the 119th birth anniversary of Sain GM Syed.

The rally marched through the city and culminated at the press club, where a meeting was held in which office bearers of the Jeay Sindh Freedom movement spoke against aggression on workers, women and children by the state institutions including Sindh Rangers and State Police.

Protesters also issued a memorandum against shelling and shootings which took place in Sann on 17th January.

Earlier, the rally moved across the city, wherein slogans were raised against state oppression and state fascism. Upon reaching press clubs rallies took the form of demonstrations.

Slogans were raised for the recovery of national workers who are forcibly disappeared by the state, and the statement was issued that state terrorism will not be accepted.

Addressing the protest demonstrations, JSFM leaders present at the venue issued a stern warning to the state and said that JSFM is a political Revolutionary Organization dedicated to the freedom of Sindh while following the ideology of GM Syed, it should not be taken for granted.

The leaders also stressed that if they have to sacrifice, they are ready and they will not back down even if it meant sacrificing children, homes, and families.

In the end, the protesters gave a warning to the state. They said that Sindh could not bear more cruelty, and the state should commit only that much cruelty on the people of Sindh which it can bear in coming days as all such brutalities against innocent men women and children of Sindh will be accounted for in future.