London: The number of people injured in the shooting that occurred near a church in London on Saturday has gone up to six, London's Metropolitan Police has said.

"We have now confirmed that six people were injured in a shooting in Phoenix Road, NW1 earlier this afternoon . Among them is a seven-year-old girl who is in a life-threatening condition in hospital," the Metropolitan Police said in an update on Twitter.

On Saturday, the police said in a statement that four people - a seven-year-old child and three women, aged 48, 54 and 41 - were injured in a shooting that took place outside a church where a funeral service was taking place.

According to the preliminary police investigation, shots were fired near the church from a moving vehicle that drove away from the scene. No arrests have been made so far and the investigation continues.

Superintendent Ed Wells said: "Any shooting incident is unacceptable, but for multiple people, including two children, to be injured in a shooting in the middle of a Saturday afternoon is shocking."

"An investigation into this dreadful attack is already well underway involving local officers and specialist detectives," he added.

Superintendent Wells assured the communities of Camden and beyond that, the police will do everything possible to identify and bring to justice those who were responsible.