New Delhi: Digital Forensics, Research and Analytics Centre (DFRAC) unearthed the Muslim Brotherhood's conspiracy to defame India in the garb of protecting Prophet Muhammad's honour.

Muslim Brotherhood, is a transnational Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt by Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928.

The honour of Prophet Muhammad has always been an emotional subject for Muslims around the globe. But, the Muslim Brotherhood is steering its own agenda in the garb of protecting the Prophet's honour.

One of the targets of the Brotherhood is India. Besides India, it is also running a slander campaign against Hindus working in the Gulf. The hardline group is running its propaganda through its top clerical leadership, reported DFRAC.

International Organization to Support the Prophet of Islam, is a global campaign in support of the Prophet Muhammad which claims to raise issues related to the respect of the Prophet and Islamophobia at the international level.

This organisation is running an international campaign named 'Support Prophet Muhammad' especially targeting western countries. In recent years, members of this outfit have also fired salvos at India, reported DFRAC.

India was made a target of malicious propaganda after then BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma made a remark on Prophet during a live TV show. A campaign was also run in Arab and Gulf countries that Indian products must be boycotted and Indian envoys be expelled.

DFRAC investigated the cyber activities of three key figures - Dr Ali al-Qaradaghi, Dr Sheikh Mohamed Al-Sagheer and Muhammad Al-Hasan bin Al-Diddu Al-Shanqiti of the anti-India international campaign and found that they have been damaging the image of India in the guise of protecting the honour of Prophet.

Al-Qaradaghi is the main pillar of the anti-India campaign in the shadow of protecting the honour of the Prophet. He is not only aggravating hatred against India, but he is also painting Hindus in dark hues.

Al-Sagheer is a major component of the anti-India campaign. His campaign targets not only India but even Hindus. He is also against India's relations with Muslim countries.

Al-Shanqiti is very active in the anti-India hatred drive on Twitter. He has appealed to Muslims in Mauritania and all over the world to boycott India. He had demanded the expulsion of Hindus from the Gulf countries.

All three of them are affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood and it is noteworthy that India has had friendly relations with Arab and Muslim countries for centuries which they are conspiring to break.

It is clear from the DFRAC analysis that they are using the emotional issue of respect for Prophet Muhammad as a weapon for his anti-India agenda. Its main objective is to evacuate millions of Indians working from Arab and Gulf countries.