Islamabad: The United Arab Emirates government has decided not to renew the visas to Pakistanis parents who deprive their children of the right to education, Geo News reported.

While talking in a television interview, UAE Consul General in Karachi Bakheet Ateeq Al-Remeithi asserted the importance of education for children. "The UAE government has decided to take action against parents who violate laws protecting children," he added.

The Emirati envoy also said, "Wadeema law is for Pakistanis who possess a work or residence visa."

He also stated that those who violate the law can be deported from the UAE."In the future, visas will be granted to Pakistanis who will assure full implementation of Wadeema law," he added.

During the interview, Bakheet Ateeq Al-Remeithi said that the country has decided to place stringent measures in order to make people follow Wadeema law, according to Geo News.

"Under the Wadeema law, a large number of Pakistanis who possess work visas in the UAE are violating laws regarding children's rights," he said.

He further stated that the Wadeema law defines the children's right to education and a huge number of Pakistanis are depriving their children of the right by making their children sit at home.

"The government has made tough decisions in this regard at an important meeting in the past," he said, adding that the rules regarding the rights of children with families living in the UAE must be strictly enforced.

He urged expatriate Pakistani parents in the UAE to ensure their children's education and protect their rights including those related to health and freedoms.

The consul general also told Geo News that the UAE houses a population of 16 to 17 million Pakistanis.

Commenting on whether the law applies to other Pakistanis, Al-Remeithi said that there is no such restriction on Pakistani nationals applying for a visit visa, reported Geo News.

"The UAE government will welcome Pakistan coming to the UAE on a tourist visa and there is no restriction on them from visiting the country," the envoy clarified.