Rome: A delegation of Italian politicians, mostly from Giorgia Meloni's party, was ready to fly to Taipei but the mission got postponed to an unspecified date amid growing "international tensions," reported Decode 39.

The delegation of Italian MPs was about to fly to Taipei for the first time since November 2019. They were reportedly ready to leave on Tuesday. However, their mission was postponed to a later, as-of-yet unspecified date.

La Stampa reported that the decision was taken after talks with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those involved opted to avoid the trip at a time of high "international tensions".

The small delegation would have mostly been composed of members of Brothers of Italy (FdI), the party led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The trip's successful completion would have consolidated her Atlanticist positioning vis a vis China and Taiwan at a crucial juncture, reported Decode 39.

"Not only did she avoid travelling to Beijing, unlike the other main European leaders - notably Germany's Olaf Scholz and France's Emmanuel Macron...but her government will soon have to decide whether to renew the Memorandum of Understanding that brought Italy within the Belt and Road Initiative," said Decode 39.

The Italian government is strengthening the country's defences against undue Chinese influence and aligning with Washington on the most crucial dossiers, including Taiwan.

Notably, French President Emmanuel Macron is back to his "strategic autonomy" antics, EU capitals - especially Rome - are opting for a more Atlanticist line.

Macron called for wider cooperation in contrast with the growing European uneasiness vis-a-vis China. He also called on Europeans to refrain from being the US' "vassals" and pursue their own "strategic autonomy" on the Taiwan dossier, reported Decode 39.

The French President's words were harshly criticised and rejected across European capitals, where the dominant sentiment is the will to bolster Transatlantic ties to better contain the threat of autocracies.

Meanwhile, Foreign Undersecretary Maria Tripodi's trip to China was confirmed. She attended the China International Consumer Products Expo opening ceremony on the island of Hainan on Tuesday, reported Decode 39.

Meanwhile, the international scenario is tensed after China's armed forces conducted extensive drills around Taiwan over the weekend.

It began as soon as Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen flew back from a visit to the United States (which Beijing strongly condemned).

Although China declared the drills had ended on Monday night, its forces did not leave the area. Taiwan's Defence Ministry said it had spotted nine Chinese ships and 26 aircraft, including J-16 and SU-30 fighters, carrying out combat readiness patrols around the island late Tuesday morning, reported Decode 39.