Jerusalem: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday visited the ISA Special Operations Headquarters from which a counter-terrorist operation in which two terrorists who murdered Leah Dee and her two daughters on the Passover holiday in April was overseen.

"This morning, the IDF, the ISA and the National Counter-Terrorism Unit took action in the Old City of Nablus, in daylight," said Netanyahu. "They settled accounts with the murderers of Leah, Maya and Rina Dee, may their memories be a blessing. They confronted these murderers and eliminated them."

"There is a message here that needs to be understood: In recent months, we have eliminated, or captured, 110 terrorists, most of them were eliminated. Our message to the murderers, to whoever attacks us, or tries to attack us is - We will find you. You can hide, you can try to hide, but it will not help. The long arm of the State of Israel will find you."

The two terrorists were killed on Thursday morning in the Kasbah in Nablus (Shechem) during a joint operation conducted by the Shin Bet, the Border Police, the IDF, and Police Special Forces. The two are identified as Hassan Katnani and Ma'ad Masri.

In addition, Ebrahim Hora, who was described as a senior aide to the two terrorists, was also killed.