Washington: Stating that India is the "mother of democracy" and America the "champion of advanced democracy", Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the world is watching the strengthening ties between the two great democracies.

PM Modi made these remarks while addressing a "vibrant programme" of the Indian diaspora at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC on June 23 (local time).

"India is the mother of democracy and America is the champion of advanced democracy. Today, the world is seeing the partnership between these two great democracies getting stronger," said PM Modi in his address.

He also said "America is India's biggest trading partner and export destination", adding, "But the real potential of our partnership is yet to come out."

The Prime Minister highlighted the contribution of the Indian diaspora to America's development.

"You all have a big role in taking this potential forward. All of you have earned a lot of name, all of you have contributed a lot in the development of America. Now under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav India has taken the pledge of a developed India in the nectar of independence, then the expectation from you increases even more," PM Modi said in his address.

The Prime Minister thanked the Indian community for playing a significant role in strengthening India-US ties, and highlighted future areas of bilateral partnership.

India and the US have taken their partnership on a new journey in the last three days, PM Modi said noting that this is the journey of Make in India, Make for the world. He said both nations are taking strong steps towards a better future in the field of technology transfer, deepening manufacturing cooperation, or increasing coordination in the industrial supply chain

PM Modi urged the Indian diaspora to invest in the MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) and start-ups in India.

"This is the best time to invest as much as possible in India. I urge you to take forward the possibilities with MSMEs and start-ups of India. Your skill, your technology and your expertise will be of great use in the growth of India," he added.

"New modern National Education Policy has been implemented in India. Many of you hold important positions in American universities, some are researchers, some are academicians. You will make a great impression if you associate with your alma mater and other Indian educational institutions," the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Modi then drew the diaspora's attention to two very important developments taking place- Google's AI Research Centre in India and the Tamil study chair being established at the University of Houston.

PM Modi said, "Google's AI Research Centre in India will work on more than 100 Indian languages, this will make it easier for children in India whose mother tongue is not English, and secondly, with the help of the Government of India, a Tamil study chair has been established at the University of Houston here. Will go This will further help in increasing the influence of Tamil culture and the oldest Tamil language in the world."

In his address to the diaspora in Washington DC, PM Modi said that the partnership between India and the United States will make the world better in the 21st Century. He said the India-US partnership is driven by conviction and compassion and it is also a friendship that has bipartisan support.

Speaking about the potential of India-US defence industrial cooperation, the Prime Minister said, the decision to manufacture fighter jet engines by General Electric will prove to be a milestone in the journey of India's defence sector. He said the Artemis Accord signed by India and America is going to open many possibilities in the space sector.

He said several US companies like Google, Micron, Applied Materials, and others have announced they will make big investments in India which are going to create several employment opportunities in the country.

The Prime Minister said, India is growing rapidly and this is transforming several lives.

He said, a strong and developed India augurs well for global good and the manner in which India has seen a digital revolution in the past few years is unprecedented. The Prime Minister said that the self-confidence of 140 crore citizens is fuelling the growth of the country and New India knows its direction and has no confusion about its decisions.

PM Modi in his address said that this New India is turning its potential into performance.

"Attended a vibrant program celebrating our Indian diaspora. A heartfelt tribute to the strength, diversity and contribution of our overseas community. Their passion is our pride," tweeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi sharing glimpses of the Indian diaspora event in Washington.

After his interaction with the Indian diaspora, PM Modi emplaned for his two-day Egypt tour.