Chiba: In a thumping performance, India finished at the ninth position at the 64th International Math Olympiad held in Japan’s Chiba and secured two gold, silver and bronze medals in the competition.

The gold medalists were Atul Shatavart Nadig and Arjun Gupta; the silver medalists were Ananda Bhaduri and Siddharth Choppara; and the bronze medalists were Adhitya Mangudy Venkata Ganesh and Archit Manas.

India finishing off at the ninth position is also one of its best-ever performances, equalling that in 2002. It is a significant improvement, as India’s rank in the last two editions was 26 and 24 respectively.

Only in 1998 and 2001 did India finish better — seventh.

India’s overall result stood at a thumping 92.79 per cent.

The Indian team was led by Prithwijit De, and Sahil Mhaskar was the deputy leader.

The 63rd edition of IMO was held in Norway in 2022, while the 65th edition will be held next year in the UK.