New Delhi: Muslim World League Secretary General Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa on Tuesday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed a wide range of issues, including Indian diversity within the framework of its national constitution.

Taking to Twitter, the Muslim World League organisation informed about the meeting between the two leaders and wrote, "At the beginning of his visit to India, during which he met with all Indian components."

"The Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, received this morning, His Excellency the Secretary-General, Sheikh Dr. #محمد_العيسى During the meeting, a number of issues were reviewed, including Indian diversity within the framework of its national constitution and its civilized principles," the tweet added.

Al-Issa who is the current Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL), an organisation based in Saudi Arabia and representing Muslims worldwide is on a five-day visit to India that began on July 10.

While delivering an address at an event at the India Islamic Cultural Centre in the national capital organised by the Khusro Foundation earlier today, Saudi Arabia's former Minister for Justice said that India with its diversity, is "a great model for coexistence" and that the country can send a message of peace to the world.

"We have talked just moments ago about the different components in the Indian society and we have been in the past days engaging with them. And I know that the Muslim component of the Indian society, they are, as I said, proud of their Constitution and proud of their nation and they are proud of the brotherhood that they share with the rest of the components of the Indian society" al-Issa said in the national capital today.

Appreciating "Indian wisdom", al-Issa said, "We reach out with the different components and diversity for the common objectives that we share. We have heard a lot about Indian wisdom and we know that it has contributed a lot to humanity..."

"We know that here coexistence is very important... we also work on promoting stability and harmony all over the world. We know that the Indian component, with all its diversity, is a great model for coexistence not only in just mere words but also on the ground."

The visiting Saudi delegate said that his organisation is working across the world to promote religious awareness.