The rocket's igniter (L) being test by Skyroot Aerospace at Solar Industries test centre

Hyderabad-based space technology start-up Skyroot Aerospace Vikram-1 Stage-2 ‘Kalam-250’ gets ready for its static test, with the successful qualification test firing of its igniter. The igniter is used to safely, reliably and rapidly induce a combustion reaction in a solid rocket motor in a controlled and predictable manner under extreme temperature, pressure and vibration environments.

Earlier on 19th May 2023, Skyroot Aerospace successfully conducted a static fire test of its Kalam-100 rocket that will power the Vikran-1 launch vehicle. The third stage, named Kalam-100 after former President APJ Abdul Kalam, was fired for a duration of 108 seconds.

During the test, the rocket produced a peak vacuum thrust of 100 kN (about10 tons) showing its structure built with a high-strength carbon-fibre structure, solid fuel, Ethylene-Propylene-Diene terpolymers (EPDM) thermal protection system, and carbon ablative nozzle.

This test was conducted at a facility of one of the company's investors Solar Industries India.