Another clandestine Chinese facility (Pictured) has been uncovered in the US backyard

The airborne Covid-19 returned to its origins and devastated China. So now the focus is on insect-borne infections that can be limited to the targeted habitat of the vector

by Dr P.S. Venkatesh Rao


Another clandestine Chinese facility has been uncovered in the US backyard. A nondescript warehouse located at 850 I Street in Reedley city of California was inspected by city officials on 3 March 2023, for building violations, and to their shock they found an illegal, unlicensed laboratory. This lab full of bioengineered mice, a who’s who of deadly pathogens, test kits for Covid-19 and pregnancy, blood, tissue, other bodily fluid samples, and hazardous waste materials was raided on 16 March 2023, and the report e-filed in the local court on 15 June 2023, bringing it to media attention. There was no biosafety equipment or cabinets. The malaria serum samples dated 11 October 2006, were labelled in Chinese, and collected from India.


An international ban on the use of chemical and biological weapons was imposed after World War I and reinforced in 1972 and 1993 by prohibiting their development, stockpiling, and transfer. Biowarfare research has continued clandestinely in the guise of virology research; medical diagnostic testing; developing vaccines and drugs, diverting taxpayers’ money with disastrous consequences as in the recent pandemic.

The ultimate bioweapon can be targeted to a specific population based on its genetic susceptibility or to a specific location based on its geography, climate, presence of a particular insect vector, water supply, etc. It should multiply and spread fast, have high mortality, and have no known vaccine or treatment, to ensure quick and effective devastation of the target population. The most important feature is deniability. It should be possible to blame the genocide on natural causes. The focus has been on airborne infections like corona and influenza viruses which have caused all the pandemics in the past hundred years.

A Furin cleavage gene was inserted into the RNA of the Covid-19 virus to enable it to infect humans. Efforts were also made to insert genetic material from AIDS and Ebola viruses to make it more deadly. The airborne Covid-19 returned to its origins and devastated China. So now the focus is on insect-borne infections that can be limited to the targeted habitat of the vector. Vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and Zika spread by mosquitoes; plague spreads by fleas; zoonotic infections from animals especially bats are all subjects of research. Genetically engineered mosquitoes are breeding in millions inside a two-storey building in Medellin, Colombia, funded by the Gates Foundation, to ultimately make mosquitoes extinct. Hopefully, technology will not be misused to spread a mosquito-borne bioweapon instead.


China has been attempting to achieve its political and world dominance objectives through grey zone warfare without an official declaration of war. Chinese agents in the guise of research workers stole viruses from a Canadian lab and collected deadly viruses in Africa, Asia, and from bats in Nagaland, India. Pathogens and genetic and health data are collected in the guise of pregnancy and other diagnostic tests. The leak from an unsafe virus lab, carelessly located in a crowded Wuhan, exposed the bio-warfare efforts of the PLA. Major hacking of health records and data theft from US systems using Microsoft software, and disabling of public utilities like power supply networks, and water cooling systems of nuclear facilities, have been linked to Chinese cyber warfare. On 13 August 2020, the US Department of State designated the Confucius Institute as a foreign mission of the Chinese Communist Party. Confucius Institutes, Mandarin centers, and diplomatic missions have been found to be spreading misleading Chinese propaganda. Illegal police stations in nations providing refuge to Chinese dissidents and misuse of diplomatic privileges exploit the trust of open societies. Cheap 5G telecom facilities and surveillance cameras are surreptitious methods of data collection. Grey zone warfare is usually hidden behind front organizations based in other nations. The main Chinese targets are the present superpower, the US; colonial powers in the EU, and the fast-growing, popular, and powerful democratic India.


Chinese economic blackmail, gaming global trade and the WTO, and debt traps through BRI are part of a financial war reminiscent of how the British Empire was created by the East India Company. It includes “divide and rule” by instigating internal conflicts, corrupting leaders, opium wars (drug trafficking), and financial slavery in the form of indentured bonded labour for exploitation of resources of colonized areas. Lithium, cobalt and many rare metal global resources; strategically located ports and facilities and high-tech industries worldwide, are now under Chinese management including in developed nations like Italy, Greece, Israel, etc. Diplomatic warfare includes efforts to create a rift between India and its friends like Nepal, and Maldives, and encircle it strategically with a “string of pearls” in the Indian Ocean and at choke points like Djibouti. Disinformation campaigns such as against Indian vaccines and drugs, and of events in the porous northeastern border of India, to mislead international opinion; infiltration and manipulation of international bodies including WHO and Interpol, are all toolkits of psychological warfare. Sponsoring terrorists, secessionists, criminals, and drug-narcotic mafias with funds, equipment, and training in sabotage activities and their protection from UNSC, FATF (Financial Action Task Force), and other international agencies are efforts to destabilize India. Corrupting and supporting internal oppositional forces to sabotage, trigger conflicts, and bring regime change is part of the agenda to break up India.


We as individuals need to be aware, observant, and alert and help authorities identify all such clandestine biowarfare, narcotic, terrorist, and dangerous facilities in our neighbourhood. We as a diverse, democratic, peace-loving, rapidly developing nation need to be aware of the grey zone warfare against us, be alert, and identify all inimical agents, forces, and facilities within and outside and act before we are overwhelmed, broken up, and neo-colonized.

A renowned patriot, Dr P.S. Venkatesh Rao is Consultant Endocrine, Breast & Laparoscopic Surgeon, in Bangalore