London: The World Sindhi Congress (WSC) has said it supports and stands in complete solidarity with the protest in Kashmore, Karachi and other towns and cities of Sindh against the cruelty and atrocities inflicted on the vulnerable section of Sindhi people, Sindhi Hindus.

The violence against Sindhi Hindus started from the inception of Pakistan when 80 per cent of them were coerced to leave their motherland of thousands of years and the process never stopped.

In recent years, however, it has reached to frightening levels as these sons and daughters of Sindh are being attacked from many directions systematically by the state and their proxies.

This includes the forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls, mostly minor, attacks on their places of worship, and the process of abduction by the bandit gangs. The abductees include children as young as four years and as old as over 60 years. After the abduction the heart-wrenching videos of the chained victims being severely tortured, and crying are loaded on social media by the gangs.

WSC and the world knows that all these crimes against Sindhi Hindus are systematically designed by the Pakistan state agencies and implemented by them and their proxies. The entire Sindh and the world are aware that these bandit gangs are formed, supported, and provided the most sophisticated weapons by the real state of Pakistan, as per a statement issued by the World Sindhi Congress.

The only reason is to create conditions like hell for Sindhi Hindus to coerce them to leave so that they can occupy their homes, lands and businesses and settle others in Sindh in fulfilment of their designs to convert Sindhis into minority in their own homeland.

The WSC demanded Pakistan to stop these crimes against humanity.

WSC said it earnestly requests all the Sindh-loving parties, human rights and civil society organisations and conscientious individuals to come forward to stand by their brothers and sisters in these harrowing times.

WSC requested the UN, the International Community, and the International Human Rights Organisations to urgently come forward to effectively stop these crimes against humanity perpetrated by Pakistan committed against the most vulnerable section of Sindhi people, Sindhi Hindus.