Aerial logistics drone start-up BonV Aero has secured ₹6 crores in funding in a round led by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV). The company plans to utilize the funds for client demonstrations, team expansion, and internal research and development efforts focused on enhancing products for customers, researching propulsion systems, and advancing power plants.

Prior to this funding round, the Bangalore-based start-up had raised an undisclosed amount in a seed round from Headstart Investor Circle in December 2022.

Founded by Satyabrata Satapathy, BonV Aero specializes in providing aerial vehicles for both goods and passenger transportation, with a focus on developing state-of-the-art aerial vehicles tailored for challenging terrains like the Himalayas. The company targets various sectors including Indian defence logistics, disaster relief, emergency medical services, supply chain logistics, and rapid commerce deliveries.

BonV Aero claims to have developed India’s first logistic aerial vehicle capable of carrying 50 kilograms over 10 kilometers at 10,000 feet in hilly regions, with commercial orders already in place. The company’s in-house propulsion system ensures efficient flights in extreme weather and high altitudes, making it a reliable choice for challenging conditions.

Currently, BonV Aero is actively conducting product trials with the Indian Army, signalling the initial phase of its operational scale.