Galle: Indian Coast Guard (ICG) ships Samarth and Abhinav have docked in Galle following the completion of Exercise Dosti in Male.

The official Twitter account of India in Sri Lanka, @IndiainSL, announced the arrival, highlighting the vessels' visit for training and professional engagement with the Sri Lankan Coast Guard to bolster interoperability and camaraderie.

"@IndiaCoastGuard Ships Samarth and Abhinav in Galle! On completion of #ExerciseDosti in Male, the ICG ships are visiting Sri Lanka for training and professional interaction with SL Coast Guard to enhance interoperability and camaraderie," in an official post on X.

The visit underscores India's commitment to enhancing maritime cooperation and strengthening ties with Sri Lanka. Exercise Dosti, conducted in the Maldives, served as a platform for joint training and cooperation between the Indian and Maldivian coast guards, focusing on maritime security and rescue operations.

Now, with the Indian Coast Guard ships in Galle, both nations are poised to further their collaboration in maritime affairs. Training sessions and professional interactions between the Indian and Sri Lankan Coast Guard personnel aim to enhance coordination and mutual understanding in maritime operations.

The presence of Indian Coast Guard ships in Sri Lanka not only promotes bilateral cooperation but also emphasises the importance of regional maritime security and stability. Through joint exercises and exchanges, both countries seek to strengthen their capabilities and respond effectively to emerging maritime challenges in the Indian Ocean region.

The visit of ICG ships Samarth and Abhinav to Galle reaffirms the longstanding ties between India and Sri Lanka and underscores their shared commitment to maritime safety and security.

Earlier, the official Twitter account of Indian Coast Guard, announced, "As part of the joint operational activities of trilateral exercise #DOSTI XVI,training on #PollutionResponse and #MARPOL was conducted onboard @IndiaCoastGuard ship Samarth on February 24. Pollution response measures of containment using booms and recovery using skimmers were showcased."

As the training and professional interactions progress, the engagement between the Indian and Sri Lankan Coast Guard is expected to foster a safer and more secure maritime environment in the region.

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