The Indian Army announces "Bharat Shakti," a demonstration of indigenous weapon systems at Pokhran, Rajasthan, on March 12, to be attended by PM Modi

Rajasthan: The Indian Army announced plans to conduct a tri-services demonstration of made-in-India weapon systems and platforms in an exercise named Bharat Shakti at Pokhran, Rajasthan on March 12. The event is anticipated to be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan and Army Chief General Manoj Pande, reported Republic World.

This visit has stirred reactions in neighbouring Pakistan, where Pak Army Chief Gen Asim Munir recently visited a training area near Rahim Yar Khan, situated close to the India-Pakistan border. General Munir reiterated the preparedness of Pakistan's armed forces to defend the territorial sovereignty of Pakistan against a "full spectrum of threats." During his visit, COAS Munir observed troops engaged in the Shamsheer-e-Sehra Field Exercise aimed at enhancing professional skills and battlefield procedures to meet future challenges in an operational environment.

Details of Exercise Bharat Shakti

During the exercise, a range of made-in-India weapon systems will be showcased, including the Pinaka Multi barrel rocket launchers, Arjun tanks, Dhanush howitzers, Tejas fighter aircraft, and various versions of the ALH Dhruv choppers. The display aims to highlight the capabilities of indigenous weapon systems and platforms developed and manufactured by both the Indian public sector and private firms.

In addition to established systems, innovations from Indian Army's innovators will also be showcased. Equipment such as the K-9 Vajra Self-propelled howitzers, robotic mules, mobile air defence systems, integrated drone detection and neutralization systems, Sarvatra bridging systems, minefield ploughs, Akash air defence systems, and AK-203 assault rifles will be demonstrated. Static displays will feature the Weapon Locating Radar Swathi and the BrahMos missile system.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's scheduled visit to the Indo-Pak border in Pokhran, Rajasthan on March 12 coincides with the Bharat Shakti exercise. The demonstration of made-in-India weapon systems will be part of the itinerary during his visit. Notably, Pakistan’s Shamsheer-e-Sehra Field Exercise included integrated fire and battle manoeuvres involving various elements such as Armor, Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Artillery, Air Defence, and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles. Pakistan Airforce Aircrafts also participated, while Electronic Warfare capabilities and Information Operations were incorporated to counter enemy communications and disinformation campaigns during war.

Gen Munir commended the training standards, operational preparedness, and high morale of all ranks during his interaction with the troops participating in the exercise. Emphasizing the need for constant preparedness against potential threats, Gen Munir reaffirmed Pakistan Armed Forces' commitment, supported by the nation, to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan.