New Delhi: The Israeli embassy and Indian security forces conducted a joint security drill in New Delhi to assess the readiness of security forces for countering potential future threats, the Israeli embassy in India said in a press release.

While addressing the event, Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon emphasised the significance of the security drill.

"This joint security drill with Indian security forces marks a significant milestone. We extend our gratitude for their efforts. These collaborative exercises strengthen our nations' cooperation in security and defence and reinforce our shared commitment to global stability. We remain steadfast in our determination to foster continued collaboration for a safer world." he said.

The exercise witnessed the involvement of various agencies including the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Delhi Police, the National Security Guard, and local emergency services such as the fire department and traffic police, the release stated.

Over day and night sessions held at the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, participants practised response strategies to potential terrorist incidents.

Elite units from the participating agencies were activated in simulated scenarios, while the Delhi Traffic Police managed traffic control in the vicinity.

"The exercise served as a platform for both Israeli and Indian forces to refine their coordination, communication, and operational procedures, thereby strengthening their joint efforts against terrorism," the release added.

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