The system of selection got revived in 1939 during the course of II World War. Without going into the details of why the system was revived? What abnormalities did it have? Did it have its own miscarriage of not producing the desired result? Anyhow. after revival, it was named as psychology based selection. The selection system came out for the operation with three techniques. 

The citizens of this country along with its neighbouring aspirants are being chosen for the recommendation as an officer in the highest cadre of this land which can briefly be said as three wings of the Armed Forces which also include the cadre of the coast guard excluding the paramilitary services if any. 

The Eligibility Criterion To Force The Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) Has Four Bifurcations

Now, the system of selection commences its journey from subjectivity to objectivity and from objectivity to projectivity. Just to interpret projectivity, I will distinguish and define that projectivity lays the projection and the projection is further pressed into the projective technique. S.S.B. is purely a projective technique, therefore whosoever will project nicely, will get through only and projection undertakes its route into reading, write and speak. These three components should have similarity, and coherence as incoherence will lead to the not-recommendation and bouncing. Projection further depends and survives on the three components only.
  • Thought Process
  • Action
  • Content of Words

The Cause of Failure And The Cause of Selection 

Gentlemen, please do not consider the word 'Failure' as a phobia as failure is not a disqualification but it is an unsuccessful attempt. Now, let us go ahead to press ourselves to find the science of the successful attempt. At the first phase, you have sufficient literature written by me at your disposal. 

Now, the second phase comes of guidance. The guidance includes S.S.B. coaching of this country: I am coming to the word—Guidance. Two kinds of people are imparting S.S.B. guidance in the country: in the first hand, the people who have the license to teach. The license means the ex—SSB. experts who test pitchers (Matka- Ghara) and the second kind of people are those who bring the soil. The soil includes the fertilised and non-fertilised. If the soil is not-fertilised, the second kind of experts makes it fertilised through situational processing. In the second phase, these experts pick small pebbles and throw them out. In the third stage, these experts do further make the fermentation of the soil. In the fourth stage. Matka is made onto the mould (a container gives anything particular shape) and made it dry in the daylight. In the fifth stage, these experts place pitchers onto the fire and when the fire is cooled down, these pitchers are tested while putting water into them. 

After the proper testing. these Matkas are sent in respective service selection board for the recommendation in the officer's cadre and you will glad to know and welcome that I am one of them or you can conclusively say on the basis of my sacrifices that I am the only first person. This process takes from 20 days to one and a half years. Therefore, every candidate is made to undergo a difficult situational process to enter the company commander. 

Difference Between Having Qualification And Being Qualified 

You attain a certain qualification according to your age. For example, generally a boy passes 10th at the age of 14-15 and 12th at the age of 16-17 and likewise in progressive qualification. When your qualification does not reach to your age or your ability does not correspond to the acquired qualification. When it reaches your age or your ability reaches to your qualification, you qualify the mark of an average one. When your ability and qualification surpass your age and qualification, you strike the marks of an above average man. 

The requirement of the S.S.B. is to hunt or spot out an average one. To interpret it. I would like to say that the requirements Of the S.S.B are between 70-80 from Central Board and 60-70 from State boards. The cream lot produced by these boards opt their first priority for JEEs, M.C.As. and for higher studies. The aspirants and the board products can be Classified into six Categories: 

  • Extraordinary
  • Excellent
  • Above Average
  • Average
  • Just Below Average
  • Below Average

For defence services, mostly below average, just below average and in some cases, the average becomes the aspirants. A lot of unwanted crowds kept on crowding or striking the door of respective selection boards for the selection Of the highest cadre of the land. This desirable crowd compelled the policymakers of defence secretariat and defence institute of psychological research which resulted in the induction Of the screening in 1998. That too only for one year On trial and error basis. Since this crowd kept on arriving at the respective SSBs without realising the difference between having the qualification and being qualified. this became the only reason to continue the screening. 

After 1998, when the screening was inducted into service selection. no book was published on the screening. The aspirants get call letters on the basis of percentage and specialised qualification and approach the SSB without introspecting the worth and requirement of the SSB often.

Without ability, please do not face the SSB or any other competitive exam likes IAS. Gentlemen, the ability is a basic intelligence and imagination is your practical intelligence. Selection system requires your ability along with imagination. Does the question arise what is imagination? Without exploring its horizon I would like 10 define it in a nutshell that the 'imagination' is the practical application of your scientific principles or scientific application of practical principles.

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