A technician integrating a MICA missile to a fighter jet

The Indian company first started work with MBDA on MICA in 2013 and since then has delivered on time 2,000 wiring harnesses.

Bangalore-based SASMOS HET Technologies Limited is celebrating two major milestones - delivery of the 2,000th wiring harness assembly for the MICA programme, and delivery of the first wiring harness assembly for the ASRAAM program- with European defence company MBDA.

ASRAAM and MICA are air-to-air missiles that meet the most demanding operational requirements and have been selected by the Indian Air Force.

SASMOS, a leading manufacturer of wiring harness, electro-mechanical assemblies and unit integration products, first started working with MBDA on MICA in 2013 and has delivered 2,000 wiring harnesses on time. 

Over the last decade, SASMOS has progressed from being a start-up organisation to becoming a preferred partner by Original equipment manufacturers. It has also created the benchmark for aerospace and defence harness manufacturing in India for mission-critical applications.

These two milestones are significant in the 'Make in India' initiative and underscore the importance of Indian manufacturers in building the future of aerospace and defence globally. SASMOS has worked continuously with MBDA to bring new technologies to India, and create a talented work force through collaboration in manufacturing.


According to Loïc Piedevache, MBDA country head, India, "This delivery is not just an important milestone for SASMOS, but also for MBDA and the Indian aerospace and defence manufacturing industry." 

"This is a good example of MBDA's industrial partnership in India. For many years MBDA has been working closely with Indian Industrial partners on high-end technologies with significant quantities and business values over the years. SASMOS deliveries and relationship are perfectly aligned with MBDA's long term strategy on Make In India," he added.

Chandra Shekar, the founder and Managing Director of SASMOS, said that the company is proud of their association with MBDA.

"Our collaboration with MBDA has enabled us to create new competencies in India to deliver quality products to mission-critical aerospace and defence applications. We are confident to grow with MBDA's India initiative further and we have crafted a robust plan to take forward this initiative," he said.

Missile Systems For Indian Air Force

MICA is being delivered for the Indian Air Force's Mirage 2000 upgrade and for Rafale. MICA is the only air-to-air missile in the world featuring two interoperable seekers (active radar and imaging infrared) to cover the spectrum from close-in dogfight to long beyond visual range.

ASRAAM is a high-performance within visual range air combat missile that is being delivered to the Indian Air Force for its New Generation Close Combat Missile programme for the Jaguar fleet. With its large rocket motor, and clean aerodynamic design, ASRAAM has unrivalled speed and resultant aerodynamic manoeuvrability and range.

MBDA has been working with suppliers in India for decades in manufacturing and engineering services. Today more and more Indian suppliers are providing advanced, complex components and sub-assemblies for MBDA missile programs, for the Indian Armed Forces and as part of an integrated global supply chain.