The Defence Ministry had last year entered into a Rs 639-crore deal with The SMPP to provide modern and light bulletproof jackets. The Defence Ministry last year gave the responsibility to a private company to manufacture 1.86 lakh bulletproof jackets. This year, 36 thousand jackets were to be supplied, the company prepared 40 thousand and supplied it to the army. The jackets made of boron carbide ceramic can withstand firing of other guns, including the AK-47 rifle. The jacket will provide 360-degree protection to the soldiers' bodies, also used in combat and anti-terrorist operations

New Delhi. For the first time, 40 thousand bulletproof jackets made in the country have been supplied to the Indian Army. The first batch of these jackets will be available to the soldiers engaged in the operation against terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. Major General Anil Oberoi, on behalf of The manufacturing company SMPP Pvt Ltd, said that they will provide the army with a full order ahead of schedule. The government has given the company a date for completing the order by 2021, but all jackets will be ready by the end of 2020.

According to Major Oberoi, the AK-47 could also withstand firing, but the company is moving beyond the target. The country-made bulletproof jackets can withstand hard steel bullets. That means the AK-47 and many other weapons will neutralise it. At present, these jackets have been transported to Central Ordnance Depot at Kanpur. They will be sent to Jammu and Kashmir soon.

Last year, the Defence Ministry had contracted a Rs 639-crore deal with the SMP PPpp to provide modern and light bulletproof jackets to the Army. The Army is to get 1.86 lakh high-level jackets. The Defence Ministry had said that the project will also promote the government's Make in India scheme. This is seen as a confidence building measure of the Indian Army and industry.

Why Are These Jackets Special?

These jackets are made from boron carbide ceramics, which are the lightest and best materials for safety. The jacket will provide 360 degree protection to the bodies of the Jawans, which can be used in combat and anti-terror operations. Being made of modular parts, they are flexible and easy to wear and convenient.

The army has long been demanding bulletproof jackets and modern weapons in the Army. The supply of these jackets is seen as a step towards modernisation of the Army. Army Chief Bipin Rawat has also been raising the issue of modernisation of the Army and use of indigenous technology to deal with the enemies.