Rosoboronexport has signed the first foreign contract for the supply of a Mi-38T medium-range multi-purpose helicopter manufactured by the Kazan Helicopter Plant, a Russian Helicopters’ release said.

The helicopter will be in the VVIP configuration and delivery is planned during 2021-22.

“The Mi-38T is a new helicopter. Its first flight took place at the end of 2018, and today, in addition to the already contracted machines, Rosoboronexport is processing several more applications for their delivery to foreign partners," said the general director of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev.

The international customer was not named as has become a regular practice with Russian arms sales announcements.

Mi-38T is designed for round-the-clock air transport of personnel of up to 40 people with disembarkation at unprepared sites, evacuation of the wounded (up to 12 bedridden or up to 30 seated wounded, accompanied by 2 medical personnel), transportation of goods weighing up to 5000 kg in a cargo compartment or up to 5000 kg - on an external sling.

It is possible to transport a tactical formation of the "platoon" type to a range of up to 800 km. The capabilities of foreign competitors in this class are limited to one or two features .

The rear cargo hatch is equipped with a cargo gangway with a hydraulic drive, in the right side there is a side hatch with a wide sliding door. The gangway is adapted for quick loading and unloading, including rolling of wheeled and tracked vehicles.

The high maximum speed of the Mi-38T (300 km per h) reduces the response time during landing operations, personnel evacuation operations and cargo delivery.

Mi-38T helicopters can be delivered to the customer in a VIP configuration for transporting passengers in high comfort conditions. VIP cabin equipment includes comfortable comfortable armchairs, sofas, wardrobe, kitchen and bar. The air conditioning system provides a comfortable air temperature, and the cabin is made with additional sound insulation.