Free India collides with Bamboo Curtain

by Jose Manimala
The Chinese  again showed their true colours by attacking a COVID ridden India. In 1962 they exploited Cuban missile crisis - between the Soviets and the Americans.

Trust me, the Chinese threat won’t go away. We have to live with it for a long time Realities are harsh. This is also clash of civilizations and ideologies. Chinese want to prove the world once and for all their Orwellian state is superior to Indian democracy as in 1962.

There is another sinister motive for Chinese belligerence. Their attack on India is a stern warning to Taiwan, Hong Kong Tibet, Uighur and Sinkiang.

1962 Chinese invasion of India was an open challenge to the Soviets’ global ambitions.

But in 1969 Sino – Soviet border clash, Russians gave the Chinese a bitter pill to swallow. Suddenly Mao’s human waves theory vaporized before Russian might. Moscow even planned to nuke China. Only after Richard Nixon’s pleadings, Russians stopped their onslaught. 

Contradictory mouthing emerging from Beijing has an ominous ring to 1962. All false withdrawal claims are from India. Nothing from the Chinese Bamboo Curtain. Déjà vu.Hindi- Chini bhai bhai, 1962.

But this time outcome will be different. There is no Cuban face off. World is fed up with a predatory, parasitic China. 

PM Modi isn’t a naïve Nehru. He is a seasoned realist. He won’t forget snubs or betrayals. Chinese mistook Modi’s friendly overtures since his first term as weakness. Well. Chinese are for a big surprise.

His critics say PM Modi is ponderous. But it is a half-truth. Yes, our PM is a calculating man. His retaliation won’t be swift. But when happen, it will be ruthless, shocking and reverberating. Nationalism and Chauvinism are altogether different matters.

No, PM Modi won’t trust Americans blindly. In the Nineties America constantly hindered India’s peaceful space program. Yet they were curiously silent about Chinese ICBMs and relentless clandestine nuclear tests. And, ignored Chinese arming of Pakistan, Saudi and North Korea. They feared, and rightly so, India’s emergence as the of top commercial satellite launcher. India has launched 319 satellites for 33 different countries as of 11 December 2019. 

Another factor . When unleashed Indian soldier is a force of nature. Matched only by the Russians, French and Israelis.

In 1962, cunning Chinese exploited Cuban missile crisis and crippled our global stature forever. Not a single Asian or NAM country backed us. Lata Mangeshkar’s stirring "Ai mere watan ke logon", greatest ever patriotic song made a broken, emotionally drained Jawaharlal Nehru to cry bitterly. Nehru, a fine gentleman, died a shattered, disillusioned man next year. 

Until Covid genie’s mysterious escape from Wuhan , many free world pundits pooh-poohed democracy. Totalitarian Chinese type society hailed as the sure-fire way to progress. But totalitarian countries super growth rates are a myth. World’s richest country grouping, G-7, hasn’t single nondemocratic member. Among thirty seven developed countries there are only three non-democracies. Authoritarian Singapore pales before democratic Japan.

Whenever restrictions imposed on a society, its efficiency and vigor declined. In fifteenth century liberal Protestant countries surpassed repressive Catholic countries in scientific achievements. However strong they became, oppressive regimes always collapsed. Inquisition Spain, Nazi Germany, Communist USSR. Resource-rich USSR stagnated under totalitarian rule. But with scarce resources free Japan became an economic miracle.

The Swiss are praised for their clockwork precision and meticulous efficiency. In liberal Sweden women enjoy highest status in the world. France and Italy outperform almost all countries in fashion, culture and new technologies. Now Taiwan and South Korea follow their path. 

See this contrast. Well before COVID outbreak, affluent Indians’ return from America was a wave. But even wealthy, well connected mainland Chinese flees Chinese paradise for the decadent West! When it become an exodus, China will crumble.

In 1953 Korean War Mighty Americans surrendered before the Chinese. Mao called much overhyped US Nuclear annihilation bluff

America is world’s foremost foreign investment destination. Investors prefer it over Japan and Germany. Neither Japan nor Germany has the ultimate investment haven credential; the capability and willingness to use military power for protecting economy and investments.

But America’s strength lies not on its economy or military. But on its mass culture. American publications, films and music rule the earth. Also in the global technological race too, America has the edge. Thanks to its awesome knowledge base. It successfully attracts talent from Russia and India. Liberty gives America such innovative power.

However, an open society cannot conceal its shortcomings. Americans are on the whole, very frank about their troubles and faults and do believe in open discussions. Topmost American writers describe America fairly and modestly. In his book Economics for our Times (1967), Mr Augustus H Smith fairly describes poverty in the United States. He also expressed concern over Soviet overtaking of America in Science and GDP.

Imagination is the driving force behind human progress. Yesterdays’ wildest dreams become today’s realities. Those great visionaries like Jules Verne and Arthur C Clarke, with their amazing imagination and foresight drive our civilization to unthinkable heights. Freedom does enhance creativity and nurture progress.

We have to uphold our Dharma and Karma as a shining, glittering beacon to the free world.

American star is flickering and waning. India is the new Star of the East.

Jose Manimala Pala tracks military and aerospace issues closely. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN