He expressed hope that there will soon be an agreement

As the stage gets set for the ninth round of Corps Commanders talks between India and China either this week or the next, the Army Chief Gen Manoj Naravane says that the senior military commanders of both sides are “ironing out modalities’’ on how to proceed ahead. Speaking at a Defence Attaché conclave in New Delhi, which was organized by a news portal Bharat Shakti, Gen Naravane indicated that situation along the Line of Actual Control is “as of now is quite stable” and both sides are engaged in talks. Based on the discussions the defence minister of both countries had earlier, efforts are on to have a solution for the entire issue which has created the situation along the LAC.

The Army chief said at the end of talks between the highest military-level commanders on November 6, 2020, the two sides are working out the modalities on the way forward within the overarching guidelines to find a solution to the situation in eastern Ladakh.

He expressed hope that there will soon be an agreement which is not only mutually-acceptable but is also mutually-beneficial, and will be in line with the overarching policy guideline which has been passed down to both sides post talks.

Though major breakthrough was reached during the eighth round of Corps Commanders talks on November 6, as reported by Financial Express Online, the Indian side is considering a new proposal made by China.

For dealing with extreme weather conditions, the army chief asserted that the Indian troops who are deployed on the front line have no shortage of special clothing for extreme weather and they were all well equipped. Presently both India and China have deployed 50,000 troops each and heavy tanks, artillery, air defence assets are positioned there. With no breakthrough in sight, the two countries are ready to deploy more troops and assets through the brutal winter. India has gone in for certain emergency procurements.

For the extreme weather clothing and equipment, according to the Indian Army Chief, some 10-12 items are being procured from local suppliers—six items were being done by local suppliers and the contract is in place for four items for the Indian suppliers, contract for which were inked recently.

While the passes are still open a fair deal of stocking up has been done, and once the close due to heavy snow, the supplies will need to be airdropped in case required.