The First Committee of UN General Assembly on Tuesday adopted two resolutions which were sponsored by India - ‘Convention on the Prohibition of the use of Nuclear Weapons’ and ‘Reducing Nuclear Danger’ under the ‘Nuclear weapons’ cluster. These resolutions manifest India’s commitment towards the goal of nuclear disarmament. The “Convention on the Prohibition of the use of Nuclear Weapons”, tabled by India since 1982 in the General Assembly requests the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva to commence negotiations on an international convention prohibiting the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances.

The resolution, which is supported by a majority of UN members, reflects India’s conviction that such a multilateral, universal and legally binding agreement would generate necessary political will among States possessing nuclear weapons to engage in negotiations leading to the total elimination of nuclear weapons, ET has learnt.

The resolution on “Reducing Nuclear Danger”, tabled since 1998, draws global attention to the risks of unintentional or accidental use of nuclear weapons and underscores the need for a review of nuclear doctrines. It calls for concrete steps to reduce such risks, including through de-alerting and de-targeting of nuclear weapons.