Mahendra Singh Dhoni is undoubtedly a brand name in Indian sports, who brought immense glory and fame to our Nation. Kids and children idolize him, youth are inspired by him. Apart from a few critics, be it kids or aged people, they love him, respect him and admire him. Former Indian cricket Captain’s love and passion for Indian Armed Forces is no secret.

The 3-time IPL Champions Chennai Super Kings captain Mahnedra Singh Dhoni unveiled the new jersey for IPL 2021 through an Instagram video posted on Wednesday. The new jersey has camouflage strips on shoulders. These strips are for expressing gratitude and tribute to the Armed Forces.

CSK CEO KS Viswanathan said that “It has been on our mind for some time now to find ways to raise awareness about the significant and selfless role of the Armed Forces. The camouflage is an appreciation of their service…. They are the true heroes”. Also, ahead of IPL 2019, CSK presented a cheque of two crore to Armed Forces.

Honorary Lieutenant Colonel in 06th Infantry Battalion Territorial who is also trained with parachute regiment in 2019 and a qualified paratrooper MS Dhoni, will be donning this jersey when he steps on the field for IPL 2021.

Now, this new jersey which CSK fans loved a lot, seems a thorn in flesh for some left liberal anti-nationals on social media. They seem to be burning in towering rage because of camouflage strips. Paying tribute and expressing gratitude to brave hearts who protect our Nation regardless of worst situations is being a “SANGHI” for some brainless left liberals on social media.

It’s absurd and bizarre to relate a tribute to the Armed Forces to Sanghi propaganda. For these weird liberals, spreading awareness about the Armed Forces, to pay tribute to them for their unmatched, selfless sacrifice is a Sanghi propaganda. In a way, here they are stating and accepting that Sanghis are the ones who pay tribute to the Armed Forces.

This is not for the first time that MS is facing heat of anti-national liberals for openly admiring and spreading awareness about Armed Forces. In 2019, MS Dhoni distributed the camouflage caps among Indian Team during an ODI match between India and Australia in Ranchi to pay tribute to 40 Indian soldiers killed in Pulwama Terror Attack. When PCB and Pakistan’s Information minister Fawad Chaudhry heavily criticized BCCI and even wrote to ICC to ban Indian team, some left liberal Jaichnads criticized BCCI and MS Dhoni for speaking the language of Pakistan and stating that sports and politics should be kept apart.

Another incident happened during world cup 2019, when MS Dhoni was spotted wearing a Balidan Badge on his wicket keeping gloves. When the whole Nation backed MS Dhoni for keeping the gloves, some left liberal, anti-national, traitors, Jaichands and Mir Jafars attacked MS Dhoni.

Supporting MS Dhoni or CSK is not the primary concern here, but always targeting an individual who stands up for the Armed Forces, to pay tribute to them, to spread awareness about the Armed Forces and to express gratitude is not at all done.

We are grateful to our Armed Forces for their selfless service and devotion towards the Nation. We will always remain indebted to their families for their unmatched sacrifice. Our gallant soldiers take bullets on their chest so that we remain safe. We sleep peacefully because our Armed Forces are guarding our borders. Our Armed Forces are the reason for peace, prosperity, and progress in our Nation. We bow down to them with immense respect, love, and gratitude sincerely. Our Armed Forces are our pride. To express our gratitude and love towards them in any manner cannot be any political move or a propaganda. People need to change their cheap and pathetic mentality.