Military Defence Space Agency was set up with approval of Cabinet Committee on Security. India had conducted an Anti-Satellite Test in March 2019. Work is in progress to provide enhanced SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT: Sources

India is working to expand its military capabilities in space. For this purpose, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed new sensors and satellites along with ground stations to aid defence forces in space.

Efforts have been made to increase the country's capabilities in space through the installation of sensors and satellites. This has been possible due to the creation of a new body dedicated to space research within the structure of the DRDO, top government sources told India Today.

A space research agency was created under the DRDO in addition to the Military Defence Space Agency to develop military capabilities in space.

Comprising members of the three armed forces, the Military Defence Space Agency (DSA) was set up with the approval of the Cabinet Committee on Security chaired by the Prime Minister. Set up in Bengaluru under an Air Vice Marshal-rank officer, the Agency will gradually take over space-related capabilities of the three forces.

"Work is in progress to provide enhanced Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Communication Intelligence (COMINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) capabilities of the defence forces," said sources.

Especially after Chinese aggression in eastern Ladakh last year, authorities concerned are also working to provide higher resolution imagery to armed forces. This will enable the armed forces to analyse developments on the ground and monitor sensitive areas closely.

In March 2019, India had conducted an Anti-Satellite Test to demonstrate its capability to shoot down satellites in space. With this missile test, India had joined an elite club of four nations capable of doing the same.

The test also helped India develop deterrence capability against adversaries who may want to attack Indian satellites to cripple systems in times of war.

In addition to the creation of agencies for space and cyber warfare, the Government of India has also laid emphasis on a Special Operations Division that can operate both inside and outside the country.