The deployment of the naval fleet in the Indian Ocean can be considered a mark of the United Kingdom's commitment to strengthen its foreign policy with India

In a bid to strengthen political, business, and security relations with India, the United Kingdom carrier Strike Group (CSG) 2021, led by aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, has started its voyage in the Indian Ocean Region. The strike group has recently moved from the Suez Canal.

Successful Exercises In The Past

Notably, both the Indian Navy and the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom have successfully engaged in a series of military operations in the Mediterranean in the recent past. The Royal fleet this time has started sailing towards the Indian Ocean where they will be conducting a joint naval exercise with the Indian Navy. It will meet with ships from the Indian Navy to conduct routine maritime exercises.

UK's Commitment To India

The deployment of the naval fleet can be considered a mark of the United Kingdom's commitment to strengthen its foreign policy, diplomatic relations, economics, and security ties with India and in the Indo-pacific region. The move demonstrates both the United Kingdom's assistance for the freedom of passage through important trading routes and for a free, open, and inclusive order in the Indo-pacific.

UK Defence Secretary Assures Partnering In Security Affairs

Talking to the ANI, Defence Secretary, United Kingdom, said, "The UK Carrier strike Group deployment is a major moment for UK defence as we develop this cutting-edge capability across the globe, The group is sailing in the Indian Ocean and will shortly conduct exercises with the Indian Navy, building on our already strong partnership with an important ally and friend."

"The deployment illustrates the UK's enduring commitment to global defence and security, strengthening our existing alliances and forging new partnerships with like-minded countries as we face up to the challenges of the 21st century," added Wallace.

"The Carrier Strike Group deployment marks the start of a new era of defence cooperation with allies in India and the Indo-Pacific. By visiting 40 countries and working alongside our partners, the UK is standing up for democratic values, seizing new trading opportunities, and tackling the shared threats we face together," said Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

"The deployment will interact with India, strengthening our already deep ties for the benefit of both our peoples' security and prosperity," added Raab.

"The Carrier Strike Group is a powerful demonstration of our commitment to the security of India and the Indo-Pacific. Its arrival follows the UK's first International Liaison Officer joining the Indian Navy's Information Fusion Centre-Indian Ocean Region in Gurugram," said British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis.

"Today marks another step towards delivering the ambition set out jointly by our Prime Ministers in the 2030 Roadmap, bringing our countries, economies, and people closer together," added Ellis.