“What were the administration and the police doing when the temple was attacked?" Chief Justice Ahmed asked Inspector General of Police (IGP) Inam Ghani, who was specially summoned to appear before the court.

Days after a crowd vandalised a Hindu temple in Bhong, Punjab province's Rahim Yar Khan district, the Supreme Court of Pakistan chastised the police for failing to protect the holy monument, according to Dawn media.

A hysterical crowd recently attacked a Hindu temple in the city's Bhong hamlet.

Men armed with sticks vandalised the house of worship, and video recordings of the incident went viral on social media.

Gulzar Ahmed, Pakistan's Chief Justice, took suo motu notice of the temple's destruction and asked authorities to take action against the perpetrators.

"A Hindu temple was demolished, and just think what they must have felt. Imagine what would have been the reaction of Muslims, had a mosque been demolished," the Supreme court said.

The court requested guarantees that similar acts would not occur again, stating that the perpetrators walking free may pose difficulties for the Hindus in the region.

It further requested that the IGP and the relevant chief secretary provide a progress report within a week, as well as the formation of village committees to ensure peace and religious tolerance.

According to government estimates, Pakistan has 75 lakh Hindus. According to the Hindu community, the country is home to about 90 lakh Hindus.

Sindh province is home to the bulk of Pakistan's Hindu community, which share their culture, customs, and language with Muslim inhabitants.

They frequently report being harassed by Muslim radicals.