Bobby (a Doberman), Maya (a Labrador), and Roobi (a Malinois), were airlifted by an IAF C-17

New Delhi: Days after three Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) hero sniffer dogs were airlifted along with Indian troops by IAF C-17 aircraft from war-torn Afghanistan to the Jamnagar Air Force Station in Gujarat, the dogs were on Tuesday taken to their parent unit in Chhattisgarh in first-class air-conditioned coach of the Indian Railway.

“Roobi, Maya and Bobby are overjoyed to go on a new adventure. They are excited to be back in India amongst their old friends and comrades-in-arms. They are enjoying their AC 1st Class travel. This is a normal facility for all ITBP K9s. After travelling in an IAF cargo plane from Kabul, now they are happy to travel by the highest class the Indian Railways has to offer,” said an ITBP official.

The canines had reached ITBP Chawala Camp in Delhi on August 18.

The three K9s — Roobi (a Malinois), Maya (a Labrador), Bobbi (a Doberman) were deployed in Kabul in 2019 and had secured the Indian Embassy at Kabul for the past three years with professional competence.

While the first C-17 heavy-lift transport aircraft of the IAF evacuated over 40 staffers on Monday, the second one brought back around 150 people including the ambassador, other diplomats, security officials and a number of journalists and stranded Indians on Tuesday afternoon.

On August 15, the Afghan government fell soon after President Ashraf Ghani left the nation as the Taliban seized control. Countries have been evacuating their citizens from the war-torn nation speedily.