The cruise missile tests conducted by North Korea comes just days after Kim Jong Un's regime conducted a predawn military parade in Pyongyang to celebrate the country's National Day.

According to North Korea's state-run news agency KCNA, the country tested a long-range cruise missile over the weekend.

The news agency said the missile tests took place on Saturday and Sunday calling it a "success". The report added that missiles travelled 1,500 kilometres over the water.

The state-run agency added that the missiles were a "strategic weapon of great significance" and "another deterrence". The tests are the first since March when Kim's regime tested a short-range ballistic missile.

The country however hasn't carried out a nuclear or intercontinental ballistic test since 2017.

South Korean authorities said they were carrying out an analysis of the missile tests. KCNA added that missile tests were meant to "contain military manoeuvres of the hostile forces".

The North Korean authorities reportedly carried out detailed tests of missile parts, including flight tests, control and guidance tests, the news agency said.

Photos released by KCNA showed a missile being launched from a transporter-erector-launcher

The missile tests come just days after Kim Jong-Un's regime conducted a predawn military parade in Pyongyang to celebrate the country's National Day.

In March, North Korea had fired a tactical guided projectile which authorities said hit a target 600 kms away.

The missile tests took place even as the country has been facing a food shortage due to heavy rainfall in the past few months. There were also reports of coronavirus cases in the country, however, the authorities haven't confirmed the extent of the outbreak.

North Korea was one of the first countries to close its borders with China in January last year as the virus outbreak was first reported in the country.

During the National Day parade, Kim's regime showcased a parade with people wearing hazmat suits and gas masks in an attempt to showcase the country's battle against the virus.