Ludhiana: An investigation team in Punjab's Ludhiana arrested a man for his alleged links to a Pakistani spy and for providing her with access to Indian defence personnel, said Ludhiana Police Commissioner on Monday.

In a statement, the Ludhiana Police Commissioner said that the investigation team of Incharge, CIA-3 Ludhiana and Counter-Intelligence Ludhiana rounded up one Jaswinder Singh.

"It has come to light that he's in touch with a PIO (Pakistan Intelligence Operative) who has introduced herself as Jasleen Brar from Bathinda. This operative has been using WhatsApp number activated via OTP provided by Jaswinder Singh to honey trap other Army personnel," the CP said.

The statement said that prima facie confirmed that PIO has managed to get entry into two WhatsApp groups of Defence personnel.

"WhatsApp chats have confirmed contact between seven Defence personnel and the PIO. PIO, being a member of these groups, is monitoring these chats and may cultivate/honey trap new personnel through social engineering. Further analysis of WhatApp chats being done," it added.

The Commissioner further informed that arrested accused Jaswinder Singh had also received Rs 10,000 from PIO in his bank account.

"On directions of PIO, he further transferred this amount to another bank account which belongs to Pune, Maharashtra," the statement said.

The Police Commissioner informed several audio messages suggest that the PIO was tasking the accused to go Jaipur bus stand and receive a CD, which is being verified.

He confirmed that Jaswinder Singh has provided three numbers to the PIO for WhatsApp usage.

"Further investigation in this matter is underway," he added.