Former Pakistani senator says World War will start in 2 months, rants about Saudi Arabia, Jews and Covid, Faisal Raza Abidi

Former Pakistani Senator, Faisal Raza Abidi, has declared that the Third World War will begin in two months. He said that world powers will occupy Pakistan first before launching an attack on Iran. During the interview, he speaks of Freemasons and numerous such matters.

The anchor asked Faisal Raza Abidi if he believed there was international politics underway regarding oil prices and whether agencies like the Mossad were involved. Abidi responded saying that the Rothschild and Freemasons have conquered Pakistan and he will throw them out.

Abidi also referred to his 9-point program, which if implemented, according to him, would bolster Pakistan's position in international politics. He also lamented that his YouTube and Facebook has been shut down.

According to Abidi, 7 Jewish families control the dollar and Muslims control the oil. In order to control the world, he says, those who control the petrol have to control the oil. Faisal Raza Abidi also claimed that he was the first to oppose the Coronavirus vaccine.

According to the former Pakistani Senator, there is a relationship between Coronavirus and oil. Using the lockdown as a tool, the price of oil was driven down and world powers used the opportunity to reserve oil for the next 100 years. And consequently, people who controlled the dollar now control oil.

Abidi also became quite animated regarding the oil prices in Pakistan. In an animated rant against Saudi Arabia, he claimed that Pakistani officials should have gone to Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, and said, “For you, we have not bought oil at cheaper rates from Iran. For you, we have put Pakistan on the line, we are protecting your reign with our forces… but even after that, if we are buying oil from the open market, what is the use of our friendship?”

Then he proceeded to claim that Pakistan will fall to world powers within the next 60 days. He said that the third World War will begin in Pakistan. Quite agitated by the fact that the anchor appeared shocked, he lashed out saying, “Kahaan baithe hain aap log? (Where are you guys living?)”

“World War will start, not any war. The Third World War is about to commence, this year itself. I had said it last year itself,” he said. Abidi said that Pakistan was “110%” the target of world powers. Faisal Raza Abidi also said that Pakistan should threaten Saudi Arabia into providing them with cheap oil.

Abidi also slammed Imran Khan over his policies. Abidi said that someone with the mindset of a cricket selector was made the Prime Minister of the country. “We have the strength that we know what Rothschild thinks, what Bill and Melinda Gates think, what CIA, Homeland Security thinks. After two hours, the message comes to us and we decode it,” he said.

Faisala Raza Abidi said that after one of his programs, he has been blacklisted in 5 countries, his Visa was cancelled, travel restrictions were imposed and even arrest warrants were issued against him. According to him, what has happened to Lebanon will be repeated in Pakistan.