Sindh: Defying all restrictions, a massive protest was organised by political activists and people of Sindh to mark the 118th birth anniversary of veteran Sindhi nationalist leader G.M. Syed at and around Syed's grave in Sann town of Pakistan's Sindh province.

The Sindhi nationalist parties raised pro-freedom slogans and condemned Pakistan and China for exploiting their resources.

The activists of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) carried banners asking the United Nations to fulfil their demand for freedom from Pakistan. The banners said, "United Nations - Pakistan is a terrorist state", "Sindhi Nation wants freedom of Sindhudesh" and "No China Go China".

The JSMM said, "The Sindhi nation considers China's presence in Sindh's territorial waters as China's aggression against Sindh".

Shafi Burfat, the chairman of JSMM said, "The Sindhi nation today had a big protest against the presence of China on the coast of Sindh and the construction of a naval base. The United Nations and the international community have been urged to immediately stop China from building any construction project on the coast of Sindh".

Burfat, who is now living in exile in Germany added, "The international community should put pressure on China to end its occupation of the Sindh coast".

Every year, the Sindhi nationalist parties organise massive events in Sann town on the birth anniversary of G.M. Syed. After the independence of Pakistan, he became the first political prisoner of the state in 1948.

Syed restated the political implementation of Sufi ideologies which advocated for Islamic principles, secularism, Sindhi nationalism and laid the basis for the Sindhudesh Movement.