Islamabad: Recent clashes between the Pakistan army and the Taliban at Durand Line indicate a deep misunderstanding between them and leading Pakistan to revisit calculations about its future role in Afghanistan, according to media reports.

Islam Khabar reported incidents of artillery firing across the border and dismantling of Pakistan checkpoints on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

When the Taliban took over control of Afghanistan last August, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had famously congratulated Afghanistan for breaking the "shackles of slavery".

However, the euphoric statements were widely seen as a show-off of Pakistan's confidence in reorienting Afghanistan's foreign policy as per its own needs, reported Islam Khabar.

Afghanistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to register its strong protests with the Pak Embassy in Kabul over incidents of cross border/firing shelling.

On April 1, 2022, the Afghan Ministry lodged a complaint with the Pak Mission over incidents of artillery shelling from across the Durand line and violation of Afghan airspace by Pak drones/helicopters during February and March 2022.

A similar complaint was filed by the Afghan side in March 2022 revealing the direct involvement of the Pakistani Army in fomenting trouble at the borders, reported Islam Khabar.

Afghan Foreign Ministry had alleged that Pakistan army officials were issuing warnings to the residents of Jaji Maidan District in Khost province to leave the area or face "serious consequences."

It also observed that Pakistan border forces had resorted to firing, targeting residential areas along the Durand line.

Pakistan's misadventures at the border appear to be a manifestation of its failure to take the Taliban administration under its control after the regime change.

The incidents have resulted in a marked decline in the trust level between the two sides. This swift change in bilateral relations has led Pakistan to revisit calculations on its future role in Afghanistan including the assistance for the development and reconstruction of the war-torn and landlocked country.