To counter drone-based attacks by terrorist outfits. National Security Guards (NSG) has been designated as the nodal agency by the Union Home Ministry to equip other paramilitary forces and State police departments with anti-drone capabilities

Ministry sources said the NSG, the elite contingency force, was tasked early this month with providing training and other support to police organisations in dealing with drones which are increasingly being weaponised across the globe, posing serious security threat.

It is learnt that States are reaching out to the NSG for training of its policemen in counter drone measures which are still evolving in India. NSG, which has acquired specialised skillsets domestically, has already trained police forces from Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab in anti-drone warfare.

Indian security establishment woke up to the serious threat posed by drone when two bombs were dropped through the aerial platform at a Jammu airbase last June. Other than that, Pakistan has been using drones to air drop consignments of arms and contraband mainly in Jammu and Kashmir, and Punjab.

Counter Drone Systems

The armed forces -- Army, Air Force and Navy -- are developing their own capabilities and have lined up to purchase counter-drone systems essentially developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Counter drone system -- available in static and mobile versions -- are a combination of technologies that are used for detection, deterrence and destruction of incoming flying object.

According to the DRDO, the counter drone system consists of the following components: Radar and, day and night camera to detect and track, communication channel for detection and jamming sensors, GPS jamming/spoofing system, laser directed energy weapon system for destroying and command and control centre. While jamming and spoofing are used for 'soft kill' which means making drones ineffective, laser weapon system is used for 'hard kill', that is destroying the object.

The system has the capability to make different types of drones such as small hybrid UAVs, Micro UAV/ Multi rotor, and Nano UAVs effective, which other radars cannot.

There are private players which are manufacturing individual equipment but not the complete anti-drone system as a whole.