Washington: US Vice-President Kamala Harris on Saturday insisted that the US is "not into a regime change" a week after US President Joe Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin should no longer stay in power due to the military operation in Ukraine.

In his remarks in Warsaw last Saturday, Biden argued that "Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia" and that the Russian president "cannot remain in power." The claims sparked criticism both in the US and abroad, with Biden later clarifying that Washington was not pursuing a regime change policy in Russia. US State Secretary Antony Blinken also said on Monday that the US does not work toward regime change in Russia, or anywhere else.

"Let me be very clear. We are not into the regime change. That is not our policy. Period," Harris said.

However, she noted that sanctions imposed against Russia will remain in effect as long as the "atrocities" in Ukraine continue.

At the same time, Harris claimed that the US policy has been and will continue to be "focused on real issue at hand," which is the needs of the Ukrainian people.

"We will continue to support (Ukraine) through humanitarian assistance, through security assistance, but also ensuring that there will be serious consequence for Vladimir Putin and Russia aggression," Harris added.

The Russian authorities have also reacted to Biden's statements, saying that it is for the Russian citizens to decide who will govern the country and that such claims by the US raise profound concerns.