Washington: Indian American Congressman Ro Khanna on Tuesday advocated the need for the Biden Administration to provide more strategic arms to India so that New Delhi can protect itself against China on its border.

“In my time in Congress, I have been leading the initiative to have the US provide more strategic arms to India to protect itself against China on its border,” Khanna said.

“I will continue to find ways to make sure India can choose US weapons over Russian ones,” he said in a statement after a meeting with community Leader Ajay Bhutoria, wherein they had conversations on advancing stronger US-India ties at all levels — people to people, business to business and industry to industry.

“Both the democracies — India and the US — need each other for global stability and specifically in the Indo-Pacific region. The formation of Quad with Australia, Japan, India and the US is playing a strong role in balancing the influence of China and to counter the influence of China, the US needs to build a stronger partnership with India in the defence sector and supply the required arms to India,” Bhutoria said.