Field Gun Factory Kanpur has successfully proof fired 155x52 calibre ordnance today at CPE Itarsi, proving its capabilities to manufacture 52 Calibre artillery fire power reports Field Gun Factory AWEIL.

Artillery pro duction in the Ordnance Factories began in the 19th century and has continued till today. From the initial brass and iron guns and iron howitzers to rifled cannon to horse and field artillery in 1905 and the 4.5” howitzer in 1913.

OFB was making spare barrels and other spare parts of the 155mm 39 calibre Bofors Guns imported from A.B Bofors of Sweden.

These guns, which wreaked havoc on the enemy during the Kargil operations were supported and maintained by OFB manufactured spare parts.

It is against this background, experience and technological expertise that the twin successes of “Dhanush” and “Sharang” have to be understood.

The “ Dhanush” is a 155mm x 45 calibre modern artillery gun system which is a qualitatively and technologically superior weapon system as compared to the 155mm x 39 calibre Bofors Gun.

Not only does it have a longer and metallurgically re-engineered barrel, a new muzzle brake and a larger chamber volume necessitated by the longer barrel, but mechanical and electronic upgrades make it an entirely different weapon on a number of criteria.

Erstwhile OFB is also making an Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS). ATAGS is a large calibre Gun system with the capability to program and fire future Long Range Guided Munitions (LRGM) to achieve precision and deep strike. The system is configured with an all- electric drive that will ensure maintenance free and reliable operation over longer periods of time. The system is currently in the advanced stage of development.

The OFB today is recognised as an OEM of repute with in-house capability of design and mass manufacture of a modern artillery gun system for the 21st century. The main elements of this capability.