Saint-Denis: An Indian Navy P-8I Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft arrived at La Reunion Island in the southern Indian Ocean on Monday as part of a five-day deployment for interaction with the French Navy.

Issuing a statement on Twitter, the Navy spokesperson said that during the deployment, the P8I will also undertake coordinated surveillance missions in areas to enhance maritime security and safety in the Southern Indian Ocean, including the Mozambique Channel.

The P8I aircraft which possesses advanced capabilities, endurance and demonstrated reach, has previously operated from La Reunion in March 2020, the Indian Navy informed.

"Indian and French navies have been regularly undertaking coordinated ops, as part of the Varuna series of bilateral exercises," the statement issued by the Navy said.

The Indian Navy routinely takes part in bilateral and multilateral exercises, port calls and other activities with friendly countries in the Indian Ocean region.

On Sunday, the Navy informed that four ships of the Indian Navy's First Training Squadron reached the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for a five-nation overseas deployment.

The Indian Navy routinely conducts anti-piracy operations in the region, with the Navy's INS Kolkata recently visiting Djibouti from May 4-7 as part of an anti-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden.