ISLAMABAD – In a rare diplomatic break­through, Pakistan and India have agreed to revive con­fidence building measures (CBMs) to further ease diplo­matic tension built between the two neighbouring coun­tries in the aftermath of Indi­an actions of August 5, 2019.

Highly credible diplomatic sources disclosed to The Na­tion yesterday that a proposal for revival of CMBs was float­ed by Pakistan through dip­lomatic channels which India accepted graciously.

The sources said Pakistan has suggested revival of the reg­ular meeting between Direc­tor Generals of Pakistan Rang­ers and Border Security Force (BSF), both paramilitary forces responsible for border security at the international border be­tween the two countries.

Pakistan also suggested the resumption of Dosti Bus and train “Samjhota Train” service between the two countries mainly to facilitate passengers.

The train service “Samjhota” was suspended between the two countries after India’s de­cision of nullifying Article 370 in IIOJK on 5th August 2019.

The diplomatic sources con­firmed that India has received the proposals and responded positively to Pakistan.

Pakistan Rangers and In­dian Border Security Forc­es used to hold talks twice in a year mainly to discuss bor­der issues and quick return of the people after their iden­tification, who inadvertently crossed the border.

Pakistan Rangers are respon­sible for security at the border with India from Punjab and Sindh provinces. Last time, Pa­kistan Rangers and BSF had held a meeting on 29th June 2022, however, regular sched­uled meetings were suspended.

When contacted, Foreign Of­fice spokesman Asim Iftikhar did not directly deny the lat­est diplomatic contact be­tween the two countries. He, however, confirmed to The Nation that at diplomatic lev­ el communication be­tween the two countries is intact as both the coun­tries are maintaining reg­ular diplomatic ties. Earli­er, Pakistan had appointed a trade minister at its High Commission in New Delhi in May this year to boost trade with India after a gap of five years. In the next phase after exchanging the proposals for CMBs both the sides would discuss proposals at senior lev­el talks for which both the sides are in touch through diplomatic channels.

In­dian Prime Minister Na­rendra Modi had greeted Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for taking the of­fice of Prime Minister on 11th April 2022. “India desires peace and stabil­ity in a region free of ter­ror, so that we can focus on our development challeng­es and ensure the well-be­ing and prosperity of our people,” Modi had said this in his message to PM Sheh­baz Sharif.