The Indian Army has asked the technical team of Chennai-based drone maker Garuda Aerospace to modify drones for security needs, said a top company official.

"Garuda Aerospace has created significant traction by deploying drones for unique applications to support the Indian Army and now will be using multiple purpose drones for strategic and tactical operations," Garuda Aerospace Founder and CEO Agnishwar Jayaprakash said.

The army has expressed keen interest to utilise Garuda Aerospace's expertise and technical knowledge in the field of drone technology to use drones more effectively in modern day warfare, he said.

According to Garuda Aerospace, demining is an inherently dangerous operation and the army is constantly endeavouring to improve the speed, cost, and efficacy of this process. The army also intends to further the usage of drones in integral day to day activities as well as bolster effectiveness of special missions by detecting, deterring, and disrupting transnational organised criminal networks, the company added.