The Kh-69 cruise missile has a rectangular cross-section, implying a stealth capability

Russia's Tactical Missile Corporation displayed a new stealth cruise missile, the Kh-69 at the Army-2022 exhibition near Moscow.

A new Russian stealthy airborne cruise missile, designated KH-69, was unveiled during the Army-2022 military exhibition near Moscow. The missile was displayed by the Tactical Missiles Corporation along with other products of the company. 

The Kh-69 has been developed to engage stationary targets with known co-ordinates, as well as additional information about the environment near to the target. Kh-69 can be fired from various Russian combat aircraft – the Su-30, Su-34, Su-35, Su-57 and MiG-31. The missile uses a combination of inertial and satellite navigation as well as an EO seeker for final guidance. 

“The Kh-69 is designed to destroy a wide range of stationary ground targets with known coordinates prior to launch, including those without radar, infrared and optical contrast with respect to the surrounding background,” according to enterprise.

It added that the weapon is equipped with a combined navigation and automatic control system, while the maximum flight range is up to 290 kilometers, the operational speed is 700-1000 km/h, depending on the configuration, and the warhead weight is 300-310 kilograms.

The company specified that the missile was developed at the Rainbow State Machine-Building Design Bureau, an entity specialized in the creation of high-precision weapons.

The company also summarized that more than 1,500 participants, both national and foreign, have confirmed their presence in the event.

The 8th Army-2022 edition, organized by the Russian Ministry of Defence, will be held from August 15 to 21 at the Patriot Exhibition Centre, as well as in all the nation’s military regions and in the Northern Fleet.

The military portfolio earlier confirmed that official delegations and industrial enterprises from 129 countries were invited to the event, which will be held at the same time as the 2022 International Army Games and the 10th Moscow International Security Conference. This will allow attendees to organize their work as efficiently as possible.