New Delhi: After 32 years in service, the western naval command of the Indian Navy has decommissioned INS Ajay, an anti-submarine warfare corvette. It was commissioned on January 24, 1990, at Poti in present-day Georgia and erstwhile USSR. In the ships realm, decommissioning is a formal retirement of a vessel, however, the ceremony is emotional for the crew and the Navy itself. The retirement includes lowering the National Flag, Naval Ensign, and the decommissioning Pennant of the ship for the last time at sunset. It signifies the ship's conclusion of commissioned service.

Indian Navy Ship (INS) Ajay is the namesake of the first indigenously built naval vessel in 1961.

As per the Navy, in the late-20th Century, India built Godavari, Brahmaputra and Khukri Class ships and later Delhi Class Destroyers.

INS Ajay belonged to the Abhay-Class corvette.

What Is INS Ajay?

It is a warfare corvette ship, a sleek and composed ship, which was deployed by the Western Naval Command in its 23rd Patrol Vessel Squadron under the operational control of the Flag Officer Commanding in the Maharashtra Naval Area.

As a submarine hunter, as it was named, INS Ajay successfully completed tasks. With its armament of long-range torpedoes and anti-submarine rockets, it kept the coast safe for over 3 decades.

During a long career, it was forward deployed in several conflicts such as Operation Talwar in the Kargil War of 1999, Operation Parakram of 2001, and the post-URI attack in 2017.

History of INS Ajay

Recently, India showcased its first indigenous warship INS Vikrant. But India has been manufacturing indigenously built vessels since 1961. The recently retired INS Ajay is the namesake of its older version which was the first indigenously built ship of independent India manufactured by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers in Kolkata in 1961, followed by the 'Giri' Class frigates.

As per the Navy, in the late-20th Century, India built Godavari, Brahmaputra, and Khukri Class ships and later Delhi Class Destroyers, Shivalik Class Stealth Frigates, Kamorta Class, and Kolkata Class Destroyers.

On June 3, 2022, two other anti-submarine corvettes were retired. After 32 years in service, INS Nishak and INS Akshay were decommissioned at Naval Dockyard in Mumbai.

INS Nishank entered service on September 12, 1989, while INS Akshay was commissioned a year later on December 10, 1990. INS Nishank and INS Akshay belonged to 22 Missile Vessel Squadron and 23 Patrol Vessel Squadron respectively.