Islamabad: The bonhomie during former Prime Minister Imran Khan's tenure is fading as Pakistan has turned against Russia, clandestinely helping Britain to ferry weapons systems on a daily basis to Ukraine which could upset China, which has been supporting Russia in the war with Ukraine.

Various flight-tracking websites have shown Britain's Royal Air Force carrying out daily sorties of C-17 Globemaster heavy lift aircraft from Romania to Pakistan Air Force's Nur Khan airbase in Chaklala, Rawalpindi, since August 6th, five days before Pakistan Army chief, General Javed Bajwa, landed in the UK, reported

Notably, Bajwa was given a rare special honour of becoming the representative of the Queen during the sovereign's parade at the Military Academy Sandhurst, becoming also the first Pakistani to address the passing out parade at the academy. It is safe to assume that these special honours are offered not without a quid pro quo.

This secret cooperation between Britain and Pakistan could indicate a dramatic shift in Pakistan's geo-political leanings-a balancing of its alliance with China with a more robust relationship with the West, which had fractured during the past few years.

The Army chief last year called for a geo-economic strategy in view of Pakistan's dire economic condition and the sword of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) sanctions hanging low and close, reported

The General is now keen on visiting the US, a clear sign of Pakistan Army's calculated move to sort out the chaos the country has fallen into in recent years.

Bajwa has been making a point, publicly, to show that the army was leading the rescue of the country from an impending economic collapse.

Although there is no hue and cry over the clandestine airlift of weapons in Pakistan, there is mounting evidence of massive movement of arms for Ukraine from Rawalpindi.

The Boeing C-17A Globemaster III of the RAF with the call sign 'ZZ173' can carry up to 77,000 kg of cargo. There is no clarity on the kind of weapons or ammunition ferried from Pakistan to Romania's Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport via RAF base Akrotiri, but the possibility of Pakistan sending 155mm artillery ammunition made at Pakistan ordinance factory to Ukraine via Romania cannot be discounted, reported