New Delhi: As the world continues to recover from the impact of COVID-19 and deal with the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, a top Indonesian business and industry expert said a forum like G20 is becoming more and more important during these challenging times to address economic issues faced by developing countries.

Speaking with ANI, Arsjad Rasjid, Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce said, "G20 forum is becoming more and more important, particularly it is talking about the economy. We just passed the process of recovery starting after the pandemic. Now the geopolitical situation in Russia and Ukraine, that ups the challenges that the global economy is facing."

"With high inflation, high energy cost, and scarcity of food -- those are very important conversations. There is a need to have a public and private partnership, which is a key."

Rasjid argued that the representation of developing countries in crafting policies at major world forums will be key to solving the problems faced by developing countries. "This is also the time for us as India and Indonesia, that we see the centre of economic growth is in Asia. And Indonesia and India are the two leaders that may bring or create economic solutions," he said.

"...the continuation of the leadership of G20 and Business-20, from Indonesia to India, and later to Brazil and later on to South Africa. All those are emerging countries," he added.

The Indonesian business leader said he thinks it's time to have conversations about small-medium enterprise, ways to elevate poverty and how health can be democratised.

Speaking on the current state of India-Indonesia bilateral ties, he said both countries have a common history, values and culture. "This is the time to strengthen this relationship."

"There is already a conversation on a trade agreement between India and Indonesia. It should be more than that. It should be economic cooperation agreement where we not only talk about trade but investment, education, capital development and technology."

He said it is important for India and Indonesia to strengthen the relationship that the two countries have forged since the 1950s during the non-alignment days.

"It's time for Indonesia and India to strengthen this. Not only G2G level but business to business and people-to-people level," he said.