Colombo: Over 12,32,749 farmers will be provided with fuel and over 3,796 fishing vessels in Sri Lanka.

"The 10.6 million litres of diesel donation by #China will be provided free of cost to:1232,749 farmers for harvesting 342,266 hectares paddy fields across in Maha season 2022/23 (20L/hectare). 2all the 3,796 fishing vessels below 40 feet in (1,000L/vessel)," the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka tweeted.

As per a recent report by Geo-Politik, China has been extensively taking interest in Sri Lanka as the report revealed that the communist nation is investing in the sea-cucumber farms in Sri Lanka, that has the capability of boosting exercise performance and have anti-fatigue effects.

China also wants to facilitate the export of the species from Sri Lanka to China.

However, there have been reports of protests by the local farmers saying that these aquaculture projects are likely to have an adverse impact on their livelihood, the local marine ecology and the land, reported Geo-politik.

The world knows that there are no bounds to Chinese ambitions, but their pursuit of becoming the most powerful in the world is likely to cause tremendous harm to vulnerable countries such as Sri Lanka.