London: World Sindhi Congress held 34th International Conference on Sindh on November 19 in London. Addressing the International Conference on Sindh, Dr Rubina Shaikh, the chairperson of the World Sindhi Congress, stressed that Sindh is witnessing the "worst period in history."

During the conference, the World Sindhi Congress urged international institutions including the United Nations to file a "case of ecocide" against the Pakistani government in local and international courts.

Dr Rubina Sheikh said, "Sindh is going through the worst period in history. Sindhis have to make a joint, systematic and united struggle for the right to self-determination for their homeland," World Sindhi Congress announced in a statement on November 23 on Facebook.

"The World Sindhi Congress demanded from the international institutions including the United Nations that 'A case of ecocide should be filed against the Pakistan government in local and international courts," the World Sindh Congress said in a statement on Facebook.

The World Sindhi Congress proposed resolutions on various issues of Sindh. In the resolutions, the World Sindhi Congress stressed that the people of 23 districts of Sindh continue to live a "very difficult life" and blamed federal and provincial governments for it.

The World Sindhi Congress in the resolutions noted that lives have been lost and animals, crops and houses have been affected. It emphasised that the flood victims were living a "helpless life" and the incumbent government has been unable to drain water from the affected districts.

"The resolutions noted that due to the incompetence of the federal and provincial governments, the people of 23 districts of Sindh are living a very difficult life," World Sindhi Congress said in a statement.

Notably, a large number of Sindhi families from the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and the United Kingdom attended International Conference on Sindh. During the conference, Afrasiab Khan Khattak, the leader of the Pakhtun Democratic Party, stressed that Punjab belongs to the Punjabis, Balochistan to the Balochs, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the Pakhtuns.

Khattak further said, "Sindh belongs to the Sindhis and only the Sindhis have the right on it."At the conference, international experts said that Sindhi people will be unable to protect themselves from "man-made calamities" until they "do not own their own country."

Meanwhile, Water Expert Dr Hassan Abbas claimed that they had warned the Pakistani government and its institutions to take measures to protect people from destruction.

According to World Sindhi Congress' statement on Facebook, Abbas said that the Pakistan administration did not pay heed to their warnings and blamed the government's "incompetence" for "deliberate breaches and cuts to canals particularly to Manchar lake" which resulted in the loss of lives and property.