Indian Army plans to acquire 91 High Mobility Reconnaissance Vehicles for mechanized forces by Fast Track Procedure under Buy (Indian) category as per a RfI issued.

The HMRV shall have a P/W ratio of 30HP/ton, on-road range of 400 km, protection against 7.62mm NATO ball, a roof hatch for gun mount.

Operational Parameters

The High Mobility Reconnaissance Vehicle (HMRV) will be employed by Command and Recce elements of Mechanised Infantry Units and Armoured Regiments for Recce & Surveillance tasks. HMRV should possess adequate mobility and provide protection for troops on board. In addition, it should be able to carry the battle loads to include weapons, ammunition, surveillance and communication equipment required to carry out mandated operational tasks.

HMRV will be employed for on road and cross country (off road) movement in under mentioned terrain & weather conditions, plain and desert terrain, high altitude (up to 5000 meters altitude) / Mountainous terrain including snow bound areas.

HMRV should be operational by day & night and in commonly encountered weather conditions in above terrains.

HMRV should be a 4x4 Right Hand drive vehicle with all around protection as described in subsequent paragraphs. It should have a provision to integrate surveillance equipment and a weapon mount (mounted on a hatch/ cupola with 360° traversing capability) for bringing down effective fire.

The service life of vehicle should not be less than 10 years/ 1,00,000 km and the seating capacity should  not less than 4 including driver.