Tehran: External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian held a phone conversation on Tuesday and exchanged views on regional and international issues of bilateral significance as well as topics on the agenda of bilateral cooperation.

In a press statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the two top diplomats emphasized the necessity to expand bilateral cooperation in various areas. Amirabdollahian stressed the need to follow up on bilateral agreements on further expansion of Tehran-New Delhi ties.

"The chief Indian diplomat also pointed to the good level of ties and cooperation between the two countries, presenting his views over bilateral and international cooperation between the two countries," the Iranian Foreign Ministry statement added.

Last month, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri paid a visit to India as part of political consultations between the two countries. During his visit, he said Iran is ready to fulfil the energy needs of India.

"Both countries enjoy different types of cooperation in the economic sphere. They are partners and complete each other --- their economies are complementary," Bagheri said.

"Iran enjoys huge energy resources and thus it can provide energy supplies to India and help contribute to its energy security. India, on the other hand, is a major provider of food staples. It can contribute to the food security of Iran," he added.

In their last phone call in September, Jaishankar and Amirabdollahian discussed bilateral issues including the nuclear deal and joint economic commission meeting.

The Iran foreign minister called for expanding ties between Tehran and New Delhi. The Iranian foreign ministry said that the country also prepared to hold a new round of Joint Economic Commission meetings with India.

"In other comments, Amirabdollahian briefed the Indian Foreign Minister on the latest state of the sanctions removal talks and thanked India for its efforts to bring the views of Iran and the other sides closer together," the Iranian foreign ministry statement read.