New Delhi: Netherlands envoy to India Marten van den Berg on Tuesday said that his country "understands" India's position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and added that he had an open discussion about the Indian stand on the ongoing war.

"What's happening in the war situation is terrible, primarily of course with the people of Ukraine, and the Netherlands is extremely supportive of Ukraine in this war and we know India's position. We have a very open discussion of the Indian position. We understand the position of India," the Dutch envoy told ANI.

He suggested that India can play a constructive role in this conflict because of its good relationship with Ukraine, Russia, and many European countries.

"At the same time India might also play a role in this conflict as you know that India has a good relationship with Ukraine, with Russia and with many countries in Europe So, we have a very open dialogue and hopefully, we someday day find a solution to this conflict," he added.

On India's G20 Presidency, the Dutch envoy said that 'it is well-positioned to be a global leader and to play a global leadership role in the G20'.

"We are seeing many global challenges today and we are extremely happy that India took over the Presidency. India is well-positioned to be a global leader and to play a global leadership role in the G20. The Netherlands is invited by India as a guest country. We look forward to strongly supporting India in the G20 Presidency. Also in collaboration on topics like water, health, and climate. I think we will all benefit enormously if there is a successful G20 with the leadership and Presidency of India," he said.

The envoy also talked about the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte who on Monday apologised on behalf of the Dutch State for its historical role in slavery, and for consequences that he acknowledged continue into the present day.

He said that it is important to share the past and the apology was part of the process.

"We think it's very good to move forward and share the important past and be open about your old past and look forward together for the future and of course everything that happened is part of the future so it's very important to share this and discuss this and have an open dialogue on this. The apology was part of this process," said the ambassador.